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    Quran Learning

    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah, he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a ten-fold reward.” Learning Quran is an imperative act in Islam because it brings priceless rewards from Allah (SWT). The ultimate purpose of Quran is to guide the humanity and take them from the darkness of iniquities into the light of obedience. Learning Quran is challenging if you are not a native Arabic speaker but still it is imperative for Muslims to learn and recite (Tajweed and Talwat) it properly.



    Female Tutors

    We have trained female teachers available for students who feel comfortable with female teachers for Quran learning.


    The live Quran classes system comprises a single teacher giving Quran lessons to a student for better learning.

    Interactive Classes

    With all the video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing, face to face software use, and multi-way audio at Quran Learning 5 is available.

    Instant Access

    Learn Quran in a modern and interactive way through platforms like skype and zoom.

    Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?

    Learning Quran

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    Everything is free, like any premium course, so that you can judge our teachers and services.
    We offer weekend classes to students in need of a less demanding schedule.
    3 Days/week
    Our staff and teachers are available for you Monday to Friday to provide you with the most convenient schedule.


    Updates & News

    Tips for engaging your kids in Online Quran Learning

    Hey there! Are you looking to find tips to engage your kids in online Quran Learning?

    Why Learning Quran is important?

    A major aspect of the Quran's greatness is its guide to the true faith, instructions for true worship,

    Why Ramadan is such a blessed month??

    Ramadan is a blessed month. It is called "Ramadan Kareem" or "Greater Ramadan.


    Student's Feedback

    Asif Walij Student

    My son Mehdi Walji, who is just 4 years, is having his classes from quranlearning5.com. I really didn’t imagine that it could work. Now, I am 100% satisfied with his fast progress, and his interest in Quran learning. It’s all because of the tutors at quranlearning5.com, who are teaching in a friendly environment. Hats off to you guys!

    Sohail Anwar Student

    Learning Quran means to stay in touch with Islam. It’s hard to find reliable Quran tutors in U.S. I was worried enough about the Quran education of my two daughters. Then, I explored quranlearning5.com as the best option, due to quality of their services. I always found their CSRs supportive and ready to help in any issue regarding change of timing, or learning sessions.

    Sister Aqsa Student

    Living in the middle of Arkansas and having no tutor of Qur’an, a desperate condition for me. My friend told me about quranlearning5.com, where there is no age limit for students. I have started taking Quran classes three days a week. Now, my two sons are also students of their tutors. I will highly recommend you all to try their Quran Learning program for once.

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