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An ideal age to learn Quran

If you are thinking about learning Quran, it’s not too late. Though the ages at which Quran is learned vary depending on region and culture, some scholars say that a 40-year-old is still young enough to learn. And if not? One who does so will be rewarded with more knowledge and one whose age allows him to understand it when he learns it in his youth.

Learning the Quran at a younger age means a greater chance of memorizing it. Now, there are software that can help children learn Quran faster than ever before. If you have got children around the house, why not give them one of these programs? They are brilliant for helping you instil the love of Islam in your kids and for teaching them about the religion.

Start teaching them early, and they will have an amazing head start when they are older. For example, if your child learns Quran or Arabic on their tablets now, when they get to school in five or six years, a lot of what is being taught will already be familiar.

What is the best age for kids to learn Quran??

Let us take a step back and look at the big picture before answering the question. Firstly, learning Quran is an ongoing process. Suppose you are ninety years old and just embraced Islam. Wouldn’t you be studying Surah Al-Fatihah? No matter how old you are, and no matter how long you have spent learning and teaching the Quran, you will still discover new meanings. Thus, you are still learning Quran regardless of your age.

One of the most knowledgeable American scholars of Islam today (may Allah preserve him), Shaykh Jamal Zarabozo, made a statement that is a testament to this fact. Over the past thirty years, he has studied the Quran. He said that it never ceases to fascinate him. Throughout history, the Muslim scholars have constantly been finding new and fascinating aspects of the Quran.”

The fact that the person is ninety years old does not mean he cannot learn the complete Quran. Even if you are 12, you can work on memorizing the whole Quran even though it won’t be easy for a young person to learn. But let us zoom out even more and look at this picture as part of an even bigger picture: getting kids to grow in faith and love for Islam.

In the long run, it is not just about learning Quran. It is about getting them to love Islam and contribute to building a strong Muslim community. So, we need to look at how kids become Muslims who love Islam and how they come to love the Quran, even if they are not learning it.

A Good Age to Start

In light of that, the real question is, “At what age should children begin learning the Quran?”

Muhammad, peace, and blessings of Allah be upon him, who was entrusted with teaching the Quran to the ummah, commanded the sahabah to start teaching their children how to pray at the age of seven. Considering that reciting the Quran is part of the five daily prayers, we can argue that a Muslim child would be wise to begin memorizing parts of the Quran around the age of seven (at least, some short surahs from the Quran).

 Most people believe that between the ages of five and twenty-three is the best age for memorizing the entire Quran.

The aspect of Learning Quran:

Before discussing the learning of the Quran, firstly have discussed two major aspects, namely memorization and its understanding. There are two aspects to this, and yet they both relate to aspects of Quran learning that every individual should be able to achieve before applying the Quran. A child is taught to read the Quran, and then he or she uses this skill to memorize new surahs, and then with time, he/she understands the Quran language and starts learning. The ability to read fluently is essential to memorizing the Quran. Similarly, a person who has learned a greater portion of the Quran will find it easier to learn Arabic. Understanding and memorizing the Quran enriches our relationship with the Quran and facilitates an easier understanding, bringing us closer to implementing it.

Age at which one can start

Children can be helped to learn to read the Quran by becoming familiar with the sounds of the Quran. A native speaker of Chinese tries to explain to a three-year-old, who has never heard Chinese before, how to pronounce a new Chinese word. Consider teaching a native language word to the same child. As the child is much more familiar with the sounds of the alphabets of his or her native language, it would be much easier for them to learn the latter. If we, as parents, let our children listen to the Quran recitations frequently, even before they become proud 5-year-old readers, we will have paved the way for their learning.

Children can begin learning about the Quran at two years – or even two months old! Moreover, we must consider psychology professor Rick Gilmore, who says, “There are studies that show that an infant prefers the native language of the mother, even when spoken by unfamiliar voices.”