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Why Learning Quran is important?

A major aspect of the Quran’s greatness is its guide to the true faith, instructions for true worship, moral teachings, law-making, and valuable teaching to build up a righteous Muslim and community. In the Quran, Muslims will find spiritual feelings, the power of the true faith, and the tranquillity they need to live their lives. Therefore, Muslims should renew their relationship with the Quran and realize its significance. Muslims should follow the prophet’s example and his companions, who recognize the importance of knowing and understanding the Quran if they sincerely wish for goodness, reformation, righteousness, and dignity for themselves and their nation.

It is a fact of life that everyone has their religion in our vast and diverse world. And the Quran is one of the major religious books. But what is the importance of learning the Quran? The importance of learning the Quran is all-around, and it helps the man in each and every aspect of life.

It helps the person to learn what is right from wrong; it helps him to learn how to behave with neighbours and friends; it teaches him how to be polite and humble and that he should not criticize other religions. It makes him very knowledgeable in his religion and other religions.

The Quran, as stated earlier, is a major religious book taught worldwide, and there are Muslims all around the world who believe in this. It helps a Muslim learn the correct belief and the prophet’s words. It helps a person to become more educated and aware of their religion. It teaches us how to be a good Muslim and an example for other people. It teaches us how we should live our life to please God. It teaches us that if we believe in one God, we should worship Him alone.

According to Islam, the Quran is an external miracle. One’s life should be lived following this guide to seeking Allah’s pleasure and living the best life possible. In the Quran, all people are taught the same message regardless of their race, colour or creed. Men’s souls are enlightened and then purify their morals. The prophet condemns his wrongdoings, orders good deeds, and calls for the establishment of justice and fraternity by obeying Allah as the supreme authority.

The Holy Quran is a holy book of Allah. There is no other book that can compare to the Noble Quran. Allah Almighty has provided us with a comprehensive guide of life in this book, covering every aspect that every individual needs to know. Every Muslim must acquire the Quran, the best education in the world. Muslim scholars believe that learning the Holy Quran is the root cause and solution to all problems in life.

Whether they are native to a Muslim country or from another country, every Muslim in the world practices Islam. It places a high value on learning the Quran as a complete guide to conduct. Islam places high value on the attainment of knowledge and education. As soon as the Quran was revealed, it was preceded by the “IQRA,” which means to read. There is no other source of knowledge and learning as profound as the Noble Quran that guides us until death. For this reason, Islam stresses the importance of learning the Quran.

During his sermon, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “I have leftover you that which you may hold fast to, which you will not stray from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His prophet.” (Al Bayhaqi)

Allah says in the Qur’an: “And recite that which has been revealed to you of the Book and establish prayer. Indeed, prayer is a remembrance of Allah” (Quran 29:45). In this verse, there is a connection between “reading” and “remembering Allah.” But what type of readings are we supposed to be remembering God with? The answer is simple: The ones written in the Quran! The Quran contains all your spiritual needs.

Importance of Holy Quran

  • Muslims are required to learn the Quran, whether they are men or women. Learning the Quran is a religious obligation.
  • Learn the Quran to benefit in every aspect of your life and towards the right path.
  • Islamic teachings are enlightened through the Holy Quran, which guides people towards truth and enlightens them.
  • At Judgment Day, the Noble Quran will intercede for Muslims.
  • There will be noble and obedient angels in the afterlife to listen to the reciters of the Holy Quran. Learning the Quran will elevate the status of those who learn it.
  • Among our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s sayings is this: ‘The best of you is he who learns the Holy Quran and teaches it to others.’ (Bukhari)
  • If a person wishes to understand the Holy Quran well, he or she should learn it from a qualified teacher who has extensive knowledge of the Quran with Tajweed.
  • One should learn the Quran by understanding its content and pondering over it to ensure that these are characteristics not to be missed in learning the Quran.
  • The Holy Quran provides great rewards for those who learn it. One is rewarded ten times for each letter of the Quran that is recited
  • We will reach Paradise through the Holy Quran.

Let’s conclude by looking at the importance of living under the shade of the Quran. As you live under the Quran, you better understand what it is saying. By experiencing what Allah Almighty is telling you to do, you will be able to grasp what the Quran means. The more you learn about the Quran, the more it will become part of your everyday life. The Quran cannot be understood if you don’t strive in these directions. When you live by the Quran, more and more lessons of the Quran will become evident to you. In addition to committing sins, one of the things that will erase your guidance and knowledge is sin. You will understand the Quran less the more sins you commit. The relationship is dynamic. As you turn towards Allah, Allah will turn towards you.